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    Artist Talk : Liliya Zalevskaya.

    12:00-1:30 p.m.Met Contemporary Gallery of Fine Arts
    Please Join us for an artist talk and conversation by Liliya Zalevskaya.  Liliya is an multi-disciplinary Video performance artist.  She will discuss her work and her current exhibition at Met Contemporary Gallery. 
    Artist Statement:
    “The absurdity of reality demands a form which dismantles the realistic facade” -Adorno A need to understand a gap between thought and reality is at the root of my artistic practice. In essence, my work is the artifact of play, through which I interrogate my roles as a director, actor, and editor in the construction of a fantasy that questions reality. The fantastic emerges from the anxiety caused by the search to understand the differences between reality and perception. The work attempts to explore this gap, in which the normally mundane may begin to appear strange or unfamiliar. I denote this quality as Absurdity. Absurdity therefore becomes a vehicle for my exploration in art making. The Absurd as defined in philosophical discourse is the human search for meaning and the inability to find any. Therefore, when one is faced with a meaningless universe, there are three options to resolve the dilemma. According to absurdist philosophy the first option, not very practical, is suicide. The second is spiritual or religious transcendence, believing in the reality beyond the absurd. And, the third solution is the acceptance and even the embrace of the absurd. The three possible positions: of escape, transcendence, and acceptance, are used as the points of departure from which I approach the subject matter in a particular piece. This interest in the Absurd, I can trace to growing up as the last Soviet generation, as many of the conflicts I attempt to resolve in my work do stem from early realization of artificial duality that existed around me, in social structures, language, and belief systems separated into arbitrary binaries, private/public, truth/lies, resist/conform. Similar conflicts are echoed in the book by Alexei Yurchak, Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More. My current work continues to explore this gap in reality created by artificial constructs, and includes a broader spectrum of people’s relationships to ideology, discourse, and ritual." Liliya Zalevskaya.


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