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    FORUM SERIES:Artist Talk by Seymour Simmons 

    8:00 pmMet Contemporary

    Artist Talk by Seymour Simmons

    You are cordially invited to join us at The Met Contemporary Gallery of Fine Art. Please mark your calendars for an artist talk by  Seymour Simmons Saturday, September 15 th, 8 PM.This Event is Free and open to the public. Please make a reservation at MetContemporary@gmail.com.

    Artist Statment 

    After early years exploring a range of approaches, especially surrealism and expressionism, my work for the past four decades has focused on traditional, though not ‘academic’, realism. I mostly work from the figure and landscape, primarily in drawing and watercolor. The pieces in this exhibit, apart from two views of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, were done in the French Jura Mountains near the French/Swiss border where my wife, Martine, has half-ownership of an 1838 farmhouse surrounded by countryside that seems little changed since the 19th century.


    Having grown up in Colorado, I feel at home in these mountains, far more ancient and far less rugged than the Rockies, but no-less powerful and beautiful. Of particular interest to me is the way the enormous farm houses (half-house/half-barn) are built into the terrain, looking as solid and as permanent as the rocks that surround them. I am equally fascinated by the ever-shifting terrain – of expansive pastures that end abruptly in almost vertical mountainsides, or drop off suddenly into deep ravines, where fields of wildflowers interdigitate with forests and meandering villages, all of which contributes to an endless array of challenging compositions.

    Because in landscape painting I aim to be present as fully as possible to the place, I draw and paint almost exclusively en plein air: outdoors and on site. Further, I take a few liberties with my subjects, striving to capture with exactitude and sensitivity the qualities that inspire me. In this, making art is less a process of replicating what I see and more an attempt to connect with it.

    Seymour Simmons III, Ed.D.

    Professor of Fine Arts emeritus

    Winthrop University



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